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Complete Formulae Book on Cosmetic Products

Complete Formulae Book on Cosmetic Products
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ISBN Number: 9789380772783
Writer: EIRI Board
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The book covers formulae, manufacturing processes of various types of cosmetics like Vanishing Creams Making Processes and Formulae, Foundation Creams Formula, Hand Lotions Formulations, After Shaving Lotions (Dry Skin Lotion and Oily Skin Lotion, Facial Masks Making and Formulae, Cosmetic for the Eyes, Insect Repelling Preparations, Cosmetics for Babies (Baby Creams, Baby Powders and Baby Oil), Anti-Dandruff Preparations with Hair Grooming Preparations, Hair Straighteners Making with Formulations, Copper Dyes, Formulations for Baby Creams and Baby Powders, Hair Wave Sets, Lacquers and Rinses, Hair Grooming Formulations (Brilliantines), Shaving Soaps and Shaving Creams, All Purpose Creams (other than Foundation Cream, Cleansing Cream, Hand Cream and Protective Cream), Compact Powders, Formulae for Hair Conditioners and Emulsified Hair Dressings, Formulations of Nail Enamels and Nail Polish Removers, Eyes Makeup Products (Stick Eye Shadow, Eyebrow Pencils, Mascara and Eye Cream), Shelf Life (Stability) of Cosmetics, Brushless Shaving Creams, Aerosol Preparation (Shaving Foams) and After Save Lotions Formulae, Plant Economics of After Shave Lotion, Plant Economics of Anti-Dandruff Cream, Plant Economics of Antiseptic Cream (Boro Plus Type), Plant Economics of Ayurvedic Dant Manjan (Red Colour-Dabur Type), Plant Economics of Body Cream and Lotions, Plant Economics of Enamel Removers, Plant Economics of Face Mask (Liquid Form) Strawberry Flavour (Milk Mask, Cleansing Mask, Butter Milk Mask, Paw Paw Mask And Others), Plant Economics of Hair Dye Liquid, Plant Economics of Hair Fixer (Hair Gel for Afro Hair), Plant Economics of Hair Removing Wax, Plant Economics of Herbal Face Paste, Plant Economics of Herbal Shampoo and Creams, Plant Economics of Kesh Kala Tel (Vasmol or Godrej Kesh Kala Tel Type), Plant Economics of Liquid Soap, Plant Economics of Liquid Toilet Cleaner (Harpic Type), Plant Economics of Mouth Wash, Plant Economics of Nail Enamel, Plant Economics of Shampoo, Plant Economics of Shaving Cream and Shaving Soap, Plant Economics of Talcum Powder (Face and Toilet Powder), Plant Economics of Toilet Soap and Herbal Soap, Plant Economics of Tooth Paste (Calcium Carbonate Based), and Plant Economics of Tooth Pastes Gel Type (Like Colgate, Close Up etc.). 

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