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Project Reports

100% eou/eou profitable projects (export oriented units)..
Abrasive, asbestoes, cement refractories, tiles, bricks, gypsum, marble, granite..
Adhesives, synthetic adhesives, sealants, glues, gums, rubber adhesive, office p..
Agriculture & food processing projects, agro processing technology, canned f..
Agro based industries..
Alcohol, beer & wine, imfl, country liquor, wine, brandy, gin, vodka, grape ..
Aluminium and aluminium based projects (extrusion, utensil, rolling mill etc.)..
Automobiles, mechanical, engineering, brass, wire, valves, utensils, steel proje..
Ayurvedic/herbal pharmacy & cosmetic products..
Bakery and confectionery projects..
Bamboo and cane based projects like agarbatti stick, doors, windows, pulp, paper..
Banana puree, banana based industries, banana processing, banana pulp, banana wi..
Beer and wine industry, winery project report, grape wine projects, grape cultiv..
Beverages, tea, coffee, non alcoholic, cold drink, soft drinks, non carbonated, ..
Bicycle, bicycle industry, bicycle parts, bicycle assembling, tyres, tubes, bicy..
Biochemicals, biotechnology, biotech sector, enzymes, vermicompost, organic farm..
Breakfast foods, grains or cereals, fruit, vegetables, protein foods, eggs, pane..
Cables projects like aluminium cable, cable industry, cable manufacturing, coppe..
Cereal processing projects (rice, dal, flour, corn grit, pulses, wheat, millet, ..
Chemical and allied industries..
Chemicals (organic/inorganic) and allied industries..
Chillies projects viz. red chilli powder, modern chily powder, chilly oil, chill..
Coal and coal bye products, coal tar, coal tar distillation, coal & coke, ch..
Coconut & coconut products, coconut plantation, coconut water, desiccated co..
Cold storage and cold supply chain, cold storage controlled atmosphere ca techno..
Computer products viz; computer assembling, computer software, computer peripher..
Copper and copper products like copper enamelling, copper flats & tubes, cop..
Dairy farming, milk processing and dairy products (ice cream, ghee, casein, pane..
Detergent projects-washing powder, synthetic detergent powder, detergent cake, d..
Disposable and surgical projects (syringes, needles, cannula, bandage, gloves, d..
Dye, pigment dye & intermediates, acid dyes, azo dyes, basic dyes, sulfur bl..
Eco friendly, recyclable and biodegradable products- bio plastics, cellulose, ca..
Edible oils, essential oils, lubricating oils, greases, vegetable oils, waxes, c..
Educational based projects (school, medical college, engineering college, b. ed ..
Electrical, electronic, computer and software with infotech projects..
Electroplating, anodising and metal treatments, powder coating, phosphating meta..
Entertainment, media and leisure based projects..
Fast moving consumer goods (fmcg) viz packaged foodstuffs, toilet soaps, shampoo..
Fasteners projects, wire nails, high tensile fasteners, nuts, bolts, washers, ri..
Feasibility studies on wood derivatives, lignin and its products viz lignosulfon..
Ferro alloys, ferro silicon, manganese alloys, ferro manganese, silico manganese..
Fertilizers, inorganic fertilizers (mineral fertilizer), npk, ssp, fertilisers, ..
Fisheries and aquaculture, fish and marine products, fish farming, processing, t..
Food processing, agro food, agro plantation, cultivation & farming, sweets a..
Formaldehyde projects, urea formaldehyde, melamine formaldehyde powder, phenol f..
Fruits and vegetables processing, dehydration, canning & preservation, dryin..
Fuels projects, alcohol fuels, alternative fuels, domestic fuels, energy density..
Ginger cultivation, ginger processing, ginger oil, ginger paste, ginger powder, ..
Glass sheet,flat glass,multiaxial glass fabric,art glass,hollow glass,fibre glas..
Glass, ceramics and refractories..
Gums, adhesives and sealants..
Herbs, ayurvedic and herbal, herbal cosmetics, medicinal, herbal extract, medici..
Hospital projects, specialized super speciality hospitals, healthcare, nursing h..
Hospitality services projects, hotels, restaurants, pub, bars, hookah, club, res..
Ice cream and ice cream by products (frozen, dairy, food, ice candy, butter, sof..
Industrial & automotive lubricants, petroleum products, refining, lube oil,..
Industrial gases projects- oxygen & nitrogen gas, acetylene, natural gas, am..
Industrial project report on aluminium industry, aluminium extrusion plant, alum..
Infotech/it, hotel, hospital, school, college, medical college, entertainment cl..
Inks industries, printing inks, flexographic inks, offset inks, digital ink, gra..
Insecticides, disinfectants, pesticides, mosquito repellents, destroyers, phenyl..
Jute and jute based projects, jute batching oil, jute products, coir, shopping b..
Lacquer based projects, nitrocellulose (nc) lacquer, water based lacquer, polyur..
Leather and leather products, leather tannery, leather accessories, finished lea..
Maize & corn processing projects viz corn oil, baby corn, maltodextrin, sorb..
Mango based projects like mango powder, mango juice, mango pickles, mango pappad..
Mining, granite, gypsum, quarrying, mica, marble, quartz, chromite, limestone, t..
Miscellaneous products..
Mosquito preventive projects viz mosquito coil, mosquito repellent, mosquito liq..
Non ferrous metals- copper, lead, tin, titanium, tungste, cadmium, vanadium, nic..
Onion and onion products viz onion dehydration, onion and garlic powder, onion f..
Packaging industry, bottling, labels, beverage can, bottles, foils, blister, car..
Paint, pigments, enamel, inks, solvents, thinners and varnish..
Paper industry projects, kraft paper, waste paper recycling, pulp, cups, station..
Perfumes, flavours and essential oils, essences, fragrances, essential perfume o..
Petrochemicals projects, polypropylene, propylene, ethylene, benzene, toluene, x..
Petroleum oils, chemicals, lubricating oils, greases, brake oil etc...
Pharmaceutical, drugs, ayurvedic medicines..
Pipes projects viz hdpe pipe, ldpe pipe, ci pipe, conduit pipe, steel pipe, ston..
Plantations, cultivation and farming projects (amla, poultry, fish, jatropha, pi..
Plastics projects viz b.o.p.p, acrylic, pet, pvc, hdpe/pp, ldpe, roto moulding, ..
Polishes projects like liquid floor polish, wax floor polish, buffing & poli..
Potato & potato based products, potato powder,potato starch,flakes,frozen po..
Poultry and poultry farming, chicken, hatchery, meat, cattle, pork, eggs, fish, ..
Power projects, power generation, hydroelectric power, thermal, water, hydel, al..
Prefeasibility reports, project feasibility on foods, pre feasibility study on f..
Printing & packaging..
Printing projects-flexography, offset printing, laser printing, rotary printing,..
Products from wastes, agro waste, waste management, industrial waste, garbage, e..
Profitable multi crores industries/units..
Projects on activated carbon, activated carbon from rice husk,straw,cashewnut sh..
Projects on bakery and baking products, biscuits, cakes, pies, pastries, cookies..
Projects on confectionery candy bars, chocolates,caramels,ice cream,toffees, har..
Projects on dairy farming (buffalo), dairy farming (jersey cow) to produce milk ..
Projects on food packaging, namkeen, milk packaging, dry fruit, honey, spice pac..
Projects on food processing industry, food technology, feasibility study on food..
Projects on industrial & textured paints, powder, wall coatings, primer, pig..
Readymade garments projects, textile & textile auxiliaries, leather garments..
Renewable energy, non-conventional energy, solar energy, biofuel, biomass, wind ..
Resins, emulsion polymers, synthetic resins, emulsion polmers and coating projec..
Rice husk, rice hull, bagasse, rice husk ash (agricultural waste) based projects..
Rolling and re-rolling, re rolling mill, cold rolling,tmt rolling, steel re roll..
Rubber & plastic industries, reclamation, frp products, polymers, pet, pvc, ..
Rubber products, rubber chemicals, goods, latex, compounds and industries, natur..
Service industries institution, construction, medical college, eng. college, hos..
Soap, detergent, cosmetics, perfumes and allied projects..
Soaps projects like bar soap, herbal soap, bath soap, toilet soap, industrial so..
Solar & solar photovoltaic panel (pv panels), solar electrical panel, solar ..
Solar and solar based projects (power plant, geyser, cell, modular etc.)..
Soya and soya based industries viz. soyabean oil, soyabean processing, soya milk..
Stationery and allied projects, stationery products, pencils, ball pen and refil..
Steel, metals, rolling mills, hot & cold rolling, automobiles, steel product..
Surgical & disposable medical projects (syringes, gloves, needles, cotton an..
Synthetic resins projects like epoxy resin, polyurethane resin, acetal resin, al..
Tamarind based products (tamarind juice concentrate, tamarind kernel powder, gum..
Tea industry projects viz tea processing, herbal tea, caffeine from tea waste, t..
Terpene resin, poly terpene resins, terpene derivatives fesaibilty project repor..
Textile, woollen, cotton, bleaching, dyeing, hosiery, yarn, readymade garments e..
Thermoplastic polymers, thermosoftening plastics, polypropylene, polystyrene, po..
Tobacco, pan masala, khaini, gutkha, supari, toxin free pan masala, tobacco-less..
Tomato products: tomato juice, tomato puree, tomato ketchup, tomato chutney, tom..
Township, residential complex, shopping arcade, cinema hall, multiplex, villa, h..
Tubes projects viz steel tubes, paper tubes, collapsible tube, auto tubes, copp..
Water, bottled drinking water, mineral water, water treatment chemical, coconut ..
Wax projects viz natural sugar wax, dental wax, candle making, wax emulsion, bee..
Wheat based projects like automatic biscuit making plant, automatic bread making..
Wire and wire products viz aluminium wire drawing, copper wire drawing, galvanis..
Wood products, plywood, board, particle board, wooden furniture, bamboo, enginee..

EIRI have developed as many as over 60 different CD Roms containing Multiple Project Reports at low price. We have prepared over 30,000 Market Survey Cum Detailed Techno Economic Feasibility Reports on almost all industries.

INTRODUCTION : Project Mix,Uses & Applications, Quality Control Measure & Their Introduction for Attaining Required Properties Economy & Productivity Competence.

 MARKET SURVEY : Market Position, Installed Capacity Production, Anticipated Demand, Present Manufacturing the Product,Imports & Exports,Estimated Demand,Demand & Supply Gap(If available),LI/IL Issued Recently.

 RAW MATERIALS : Raw Material Specifications,Market Codes & Raw Material Prices, Sources Of Procurement Of Raw Materials[ Imported /Indigenous]

PLANT & MACHINERY : Range Of Machineries Required, Detailed Specifications of Machines & Equipments,Prices Of Machineries, Suppliers of Plant & Machineries

 LAND & BUILDING : Total Land Area Requirement With Rates,Covered Area Break-Up With Estimated Costs Of Construction

PROJECT ECONOMICS : Land & Buildings, Plant,Machinery & Other Fixed Assets,Total Capital Investment, Working Capital Assessment, Raw Material & Consumable Stores, Staff Salaries & Wages, Utilities & Over heads,Total Cost Of Project,Sources Of Finance/Refinance,Break Even Point Determination.

PROCESS OF MANUFACTURE: Manufacturing Process, Formulations, Process Flow Sheet Diagram.

ANNEXURES OF CHARTS/FINANCIAL ASPECTS : Repayment Schedule For 5 Yrs., Result Of Performance,Depreciation Chart For 5 Years, Cash Flow Statement For 5 yrs., Projected Balance Sheet, Land Man Ratio etc.

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